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Although the fashion world is changing everyday, sarees still remain a favourite attire of any Indian woman. Sarees are breezy, fashionable and in trend all the time. Sarees can be a lot easier to wear if you choose the correct fabric for the correct use. For all women who struggle to decide what fabric to choose for daily wear sarees, we are here to help you. For daily wear sarees, you would want to pick a fabric which is light, breathable and easy to drape. Avoid fabrics that are shimmery, thick and fluffy to have a comfortable day. If you are a home-maker or a working woman you need comfort to get through the day. Keep in mind certain points while picking your daily wear saree and look fabulous everyday.

Fabulous Fabrics for Daily Wear Sarees:

Choosing the correct fabric for daily wear sarees is very crucial since it can change your experience of wearing a saree entirely. These fabrics have to be compatible with every season and provide you the comfort, too. We have a list of fabrics you can choose for your daily wear sarees.

Cotton: The first and most loved fabric is cotton. Cotton has been a popular fabric in India since a long time. This makes a perfect pick for your daily wear saree because it has a great sweat absorbent property. The fibres of cotton have a breathable feel to them making it easier to drape and carry for the whole day.
This makes a great pick for women who have a planned schedule and look for comfort to get through the day. Cotton sarees are available in a variety of vibrant colours and fashionable prints which you can flaunt everyday without compromising on your comfort. A cotton saree is a perfect choice for daily wear saree and also suitable for all the seasons.

Georgette: Georgette is yet another most loved fabrics by Indian women. Available in a series of prints like floral, geometric, digital make these sarees a favourite among women. Georgette saree check all the boxes for a daily wear saree as they are breezy, lightweight, sweat absorbent and easy to drape. Georgette is the most worn saree in India because it is highly affordable. Georgette is high on durability, does not require high maintenance making it a great choice for daily wear sarees. These sarees are easily washable at home as they have intact colours and durable fabric to avoid loss of colour. In trend, all year long a georgette saree is a woman’s reliable friend for all season and a great pick for daily wear saree.

Chiffon: Chiffon fabric is a popular fabric because it is weaved with fibres of cotton, nylon or rayon. Chiffon sarees are great for rainy seasons. These sarees have all the properties of a daily wear saree making them a fabulous choice. Chiffon sarees are light-weight and have a transparency which make them breathable and comfortable. At Chhotibahu, we have an extensive range of Chiffon sarees to complement your everyday look. Enhance your beauty and choose the best Chiffon sarees from our daily wear sarees collection and look fabulous everyday.

Latest Prints for Daily Wear Sarees:

Most women prefer subtle and smaller prints for their daily wear sarees. Larger prints can be heavier on the eyes and make you look gaudy, so avoid big prints for your everyday use. Women who work need to have a certain dress-code for their work environment. Prints play a very important role in creating a classy look. We have picked a few fabulous prints for you to flaunt with your daily wear sarees.

Floral prints: Floral prints are the most popular and loved prints of all. Colourful flowers, bright leaves and vibrant colours complement your looks everyday. Daily wear sarees should feel light and classy, so floral prints are the way to go. Floral prints are not limited to a particular fabric. They come in a variety of fabrics you can choose from. So, choose your favourite fabric with floral prints exclusively at our website to look gorgeous everyday.

Digital prints: Daily wear saree are synonymous to digital print. Digital print sarees come in a variety of designs like floral, symmetric, abstract and many more. This prints are perfect for your daily wear sarees because they come in a series of colours. Digital print sarees have gained popularity because of their durable, low-maintenance and affordable prices. These sarees are your go-to attire when you are confused about what to wear for your daily wear sarees.

Complementing Colours for Daily Wear Sarees:

Every woman wants to look fabulous no matter what the occasion. Since, Indian women wear sarees as a preferable attire they want to look gorgeous at home and work. Daily wear sarees are available in a segment of vibrant and vivacious colours, but choosing the right colour is very important. Daily wear sarees should not look too heavy on the eyes. Choose colours that complement your beauty and also the occasion. Colours like yellow, red, orange, pink royal blue, pearl green which have a pastel touch to them make a perfect pick for daily wear sarees. Women who work can choose colours like beige, lemon yellow, sky blue and earthy tones to look subtle and classy in the office environment. Daily wear sarees are the most manufactured range of sarees keeping in mind the comfort and durability they provide. These sarees are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe because they can never go wrong with any season, occasion or mood.

How to Style Your Daily Wear Sarees?

Daily wear sarees do not require a lot of styling. Adorn minimalistic jewellery, subtle makeup and you are good to go. Over-styling can kill the feel of a daily wear sarees since it over powers the simplicity of the saree. Home-makers, work-from-home-moms can style their look with simple accessories like intricate bracelets, bangles and small pendants. Style your look as you do it every day and let the daily wear sarees work their magic to enhance your beauty. Office going women can style their look with minimal bracelets, a classy watch and a pair of stunning earrings. Over accessorizing can make you uncomfortable, so keep your jewellery really classy and minimal. Wear a fresh face of makeup with simple hairstyles and have a productive day at work with comfortable daily wear sarees to get you through the day. Buy an extensive collection of daily wear sarees at Chhotibahu and look fabulous everyday. Browse through our collection to choose your favourite daily wear sarees with a variety of prints, colours and fabrics.
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