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Digital print sarees have revolutionized the way women are wearing sarees for everyday use. Digital prints are taking the fashion industry by storm as they are fashionable, chic and affordable.These prints are informal, easy to wear and comfortable for everyday use. They give a stylish and chic look without putting away the comfort of everyday wear. Digital print sarees are available in a variety of vibrant colors, prints and fabrics. Suitable for every occasion Digital print saree are the trendiest drapes that make a fashion statement everyday. These sarees are fashioned with the best avant-garde techniques that increase the longevity of the drape making them perfect for everyday use. These sarees elude heavy embellishments making them a favorable choice for women to drape in. These sarees make gorgeous picks for when you want to ditch the traditional look but yet look ethnic. Team your digital print sarees with silver junk jewellery to take your style up a notch and rock that drape everyday with oomph.

How Are Digital Print Sarees Made?

Digital print sarees have created a storm in the world of every day use sarees. They are fashioned with the latest technology and avant-garde techniques which boost their longevity and decrease their maintenance.

Doused in a vivid range of vivacious colors like orange, red, golden, pink and a multiple colors Digital print sarees portray a modern woman with a hint of ethnicity. Available in a variety of prints like floral, abstract, figures, polka dots, stripes these sarees suit every occasion and every season.

Digital print sarees are being manufactured on a large scale because of their increasing demand. There are certain techniques used in the making of Digital print sarees that set the apart from the other range of sarees. They can be fashioned only on a certain class of fabric which is almost 100% cotton or synthetic.

Digital printing is a new age technique which involves the design or artwork to be directly printed on the surface of the merchandise. It involves the artwork to be adhered to the fabric of your saree rather than printing it through the transfer of heat. Digital printing involves creating a print directly on the surface of the saree processed by a computer.

This process is generally applied to merchandise that require high details in designing with a smaller quantity for printing. As digital printing allows the ink to be applied with a thinner vibrancy it is best suitable for brighter colors making the designs shine through the fabric. Therefore, digital print sarees are fashioned on vibrant colours that accentuate the prints on the fabric.

How to Style a Digital Print Saree?

Digital print saree is the minimalistic yet fashionable way to ditch your old ways. They are perfect for summer and they do not need a lot of styling because of their simple yet attractive prints. Styling a digital print saree is quite easy but requires a lot of perfection.

Digital print sarees come in a variety of vibrant colours and interesting prints. These sarees generally come with a matching blouse and look best when styled with them and pairing these sarees with a contrasting blouse can kill its charm. Style your digital print sarees with a piece of silver junk jewellery to achieve that perfect look.

To accentuate the minimalistic look of these sarees, wear a no makeup look. Do not wear too much make up or loud lipstick as it will contrast the bright and subtle tones of your digital print saree.

When you are styling a digital print saree always keep in mind less is more. Minimalism is the key to look perfect everyday and feel like a diva.

How to Choose the Perfect Digital Print Saree?

Digital print sarees are the best for everyday use. When you are buying this type of sarees for everyday use or for wearing to work, always go for lighter fabrics that are comfortable and get you through the day. Synthetic fabrics like crepe, georgette, chiffon and cotton are the best choices for everyday use.

1. Always opt for bright and pastel colors if you have to wear a saree in the day time. Colors that are bright and soothing to the eyes are perfect for the day. Choose colors in cool tones that are not to flashy and heavy on the eyes. Sarees with deeper tones can be worn in the evening and night. Opt for colors that are vivid and dazzling and have warn tones to them. Colors like Red, Royal blue, Dark Green are the most suitable colours for an evening or night saree.

2. Available in a variety of prints Digital print sarees look more appealing in bigger prints like big floral prints and abstract prints. The essence of these sarees is their prints. Digital print sarees are generally pastel in shade so the highlighting feature is their prints.

3. Women with skinnier body should always choose fabrics that are heavier and create an illusion of a curvier body like silk, linen, chiffon, tussar silk. Women with voluptuous figures should always opt for fabrics that are comfortable and highlight their curves. Choose fabrics like brocade, raw silk that are not too body hugging and breezy.
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