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Georgette sarees are a popular pick among women of all ages because they are easy to carry and maintain. Georgette is one of the most comfortable and lightweight material which can be worn all year long. They are available in different variants of prints and a range of vibrant as well as subtle colors.

Available in slightly embroidered, heavier prints and little work variants georgette sarees have gained popularity since the last decade. At Chhotibahu, we have a range of exclusive of georgette sarees that you can wear to any occasion and at any time.

We have a comprehensive collection of georgette sarees from Vishal sarees that are fashioned with the best quality of fabric and in a vivid palette of colours. At Chhotibahu, we make sure that every saree we present to you is the best quality and genuine.

What are Georgette Sarees? 

Georgette sarees are fashioned out of a very sheer fabric like silk or polyester. They are not to be confused with Chiffon sarees as georgette sarees are more opaque and a tad heavier than Chiffon. These sarees are created on machines by twisting crepe fibres giving them a sheer and tensile quality. Georgette is comparatively stretchy and is a thinly woven silk fabric with a very dull texture.

Georgette sarees can be worn for everyday use and party wear. Their versatility adds to their high demand because they can be worn at any occasion and are comfortable for every season. The sheerness and light weight of these sarees make them easier to be carried around. Georgette fabric has a sweat resistant texture, so it dries up sweat really quickly.

The sheerness of a georgette saree makes it easier to be worn all day. Women need a light weight to get them to through the day. They are perfect for housewives who have to handle a 100 chores or office-going women. They come in attractive and subtle prints making them perfect for formal meetings or a lunch date with your family.

How to Pick the Perfect Georgette Saree With Designer Blouse?

1. To pick the perfect Georgette saree you need to have a few things on your checklist. Pure Georgette sarees are always expensive than other variants like Jacquard georgette, nylon georgette, polyester georgette. But if you want to experience the real comfort of the Georgette fabric always buy sarees in its original form.
2. Georgette sarees are available in a variety of vibrant colours but you should choose a color that suits your complexion and body type. For plumper women colors with darker tones work really well as they create an illusions of a slimmer body. For women with a leaner body brighter colors with cool undertones work really well.
3. Georgette sarees have various prints and you can choose smaller prints if you have a voluptuous body. women who want to look fuller should opt for bigger prints that create an illusion of a curvier figure.
Beauty comes in every shape and size but it never harms to accept your body as it is and choosing a saree that can accentuate your beauty even more.

Why Georgette Sarees are best for summer?

Georgette sarees are perfect for the scorching heat of summer and they can be your best summer friend. These sarees are an easy breezy garment that will keep you cool and relaxed during summers.
They make the perfect choice for everyday use and work wear for they are comfortable, breathable and hassle free. They also come in heavier borders and prints if you are choosing to wear them at events.

Georgette sarees have a vast variety to explore from and give you the comfort and style you seek from your wardrobe. Opt for these sarees for the coming summer and beat the summer heat in style.

How to Store Your Georgette Saree?

Sarees are really delicate and their sheerness exposes them to a lot of damage if not properly cared for. Here are a few tips to keep the longevity of your Georgette sarees intact and adorn them for years to come.

1. Georgette sarees can be washed at home with a chemical free detergent and soap. Do not use a brush while washing these sarees as it may result in early wear and tear of the fabric. Use gentle hand motions to wash Georgette sarees.
2. Do not expose these sarees to direct sunlight but make sure you dry them properly. Ensure you dry them in a place with no direct sunlight as it may cause the colour of the fabric to fade.
3. Store your sarees in a darker and cooler corner of your cupboard. Fold them with a muslin cloth in between and hand them in hangers to avoid crease lines.
4. Georgette sarees with heavy borders and embellishments must be hanged in your wardrobe properly. If improperly folded the heavy work can cause the fabric to loosen up and lose its longevity.

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