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Party wear sarees have become a fondness for women of every age. They are available in a palette of vivacious colours, intricate prints and a never-ending choice of fabrics. Right from a millennial woman to a middle-aged woman, party wear sarees online have gained enormous popularity. Work or party wear sarees are gorgeous picks for any occasion. Special occasions require an attire that stands out to keep you noticed in a crowd. Partywear sarees have a charisma that requires a lot of elegance to carry them and who better than an Indian woman to do so. 

Work sarees online have a huge market because no woman has the time wait for a weekend to plan their shopping for any occasion. At Chhotibahu, we have a solution to your online shopping needs for party wear sarees. we offer a comprehensive range of work/ party wear sarees that make beautiful picks for any occasion. We have an exclusive range of party wear sarees at the best prices. You can look your stylish best at every occasion without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Work sarees are perfect for parties, weddings, sangeet, receptions, office parties, cocktail parties name the occasion and you will find a saree that fits perfectly. Browse through our endless collection of work and party wear sarees and be the head turner at every event you attend. 

Pick The Perfect Party Wear Saree:

Special occasions require special attires and what better than party wear sarees to accentuate your look. Party wear sarees have gained popularity in the market because of their subtle yet heavy look. Party wear sarees are fashioned in vibrant colours, intricate prints, a range of works and endless options of fabrics. Suitable for any occasion these sarees are the perfect choice for weddings, sangeet, dinner parties, office parties and each and every occasion. 

To choose a perfect party wear saree you do not have to look around too much. We have an exclusive range of party wear sarees that fit any occasion. Sarees like Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram silk, Pashmina silk are suitable for party wear because of the richness of their fabric and the vibrancy of their colours. 

Choose heavier fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette with embroidery, zari work, handwork to get that party look. Party wear sarees generally come in deeper colour tones like green, blue, red, orange, black and colours that are bright and complement golden work and prints. 

Banarasi Silk Party Wear Sarees:

Banarasi silk sarees are the quintessential part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. They are fashioned using silver and gold threads that weave the richness of India’s vast culture in a nine-yard finesse. Essentially known as the Queen of sarees, Banarasi silk sarees have an enigmatic charm to them. Originated in the holy land of Varanasi, these sarees are a depiction of artistic beauty. 

A melange of Persian and Indian styles, Banarasi sarees are embellished with intricate zari work or delicate embroidery to weave a work of perfection. A Banarasi saree has elaborated motifs and booties fashioned in gold or silver zari work decorating their pallus. 

Banarasi sarees can accentuate your look without putting too much effort as they are an epitome of beauty in themselves. Crafted with perfection Banarasi silk sarees require just a pair of golden jhumkas to get that perfect look. These sarees are so versatile you can never go wrong with them. Wear them to wedding, sangeet, dinner parties, cocktail parties and steal the show like never before. 

Kanjivaram Silk Party Wear Sarees:

Kanjivaram sarees are one of the most celebrated and popular sarees among Indian women. A pure work of artistic craftsmanship, these sarees are the most sought after sarees in the Southern part of India. Kanjivaram silk is the contender for Banarasi silk but are popular in different parts of India. While Kanjivaram silk is popular in the South, Banarasi silk is celebrated more in the North of India. 

Originated from the famous city of Kanchipuram also known as the City of Silk, Kanjivaram silk sarees are fashioned in vivacious vibrant colours with intricate gold zari work. Lustrous borders, beautiful intricate motifs and accentuate the beauty of these sarees. 

Kanjivaram sarees are weaved in golden zari work to depict the richness of the place they originated from. Their weaves and motifs tell the story of their rich culture with motifs of temples, peacocks and the mythological sagas like Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

Beautiful in their own sense, Kanjivaram sarees are a gorgeous pick for any occasion and require minimal styling. Just add a pair of golden jhumkas or a golden necklace and you will look no less than a goddess descending right from the South. 

Party Wear Embroidered Sarees:

Embroidered sarees are truly a work of art. Crafted with intricacy and perfection, these sarees can be gorgeous picks for a party. Embroidery is believed to be originated in China and Eastern parts of the world. Party wear sarees have to be elegant and stylish and embroidered sarees are the perfect combination of both. 

Embroidery is the work of crafting sarees by designing motifs with thread and yarns. Available in an endless range of fabrics embroidery is done with yarns in vibrant colours and intricate designs. Motifs like flowers, creepers, leaves and all things small and beautiful is embroidery in its most perfect sense. 

Embroidered sarees can be the perfect choice for small wedding rituals, formal dinner parties, office parties as they are elegant but at the same time look heavy and embellished. Style them with chunky pieces of jewellery and be the head turner at every event. 

Party Wear Pashmina Silk Saree:

Pashmina sarees are the gem of the North and are the most alluring drapes a woman can wear. A Pashmina saree is a melange of two finest fabrics like the wool and the silk. Originating from the mystical valleys of Kashmir, these party wear sarees are a beautiful embodiment of the breath-taking beauty of the North. 

Available in many variants, the quality of the Pashmina depends on the blend of the fabrics. Pure Pashmina is a blend of pure silk and wool because it is finely woven. Crafted in fine prints like Batik, floral, block prints Pashmina sarees employ bright and colourful designs. 

Pashmina silk is a gorgeous party wear saree for its vibrant colours, intricate zari work, and finely woven fabric. Pashmina with zari and embroidery work are the most popular picks for occasions like weddings for their grandeur and richness. 

How to Choose a Gorgeous Party Wear Saree?

If you are puzzled about how to choose the most fitting party wear saree online, we are here to guide you through. The perfect party wear saree has three features that can make heads turn. 

The foremost feature is to choose the correct fabric before buying any saree. Women with curvy bodies need to avoid fabrics that are difficult to manage or tend to have too much texture. Fabrics like silk can help you manage your look easily. 

Those with skinny figure need to choose fabrics that drape around the body seamlessly like chiffon and georgette. If you have the perfect hourglass figure you can choose fabrics like chiffon, georgette and crepe that drape around your body to accentuate your curves and highlight your best features.

Party wear sarees beautify your looks because of the vivacious and bold colours. They generally come in bright and deep colours that highlight your best features. Always choose colours that are suitable for both day and night looks like deep green, red, orange, deep pink, maroon, dark blue, turquoise because these are neutral colours that suit all occasions. Buy your perfect party wear saree, pair it up with beautiful ornaments and voila you are the centre of attention in no time!

The prints of a party wear saree are an important feature that makes the saree ethnic yet fashionable. If you love delicate prints, sequin prints they are perfect to glam up your look. Floral prints have altogether hit a new peak in the last decade. Nothing is more glamourous than bright colours paired with floral prints.

 A well fitted sequin blouse and an elegant floral printed saree can work wonders on your look. Lacy borders, checkered prints, a little thread embroidery all these are the most elegant and fancy looks you can choose for yourself. Buy the best collection of party wear saree online and be the head turner you have always admired.