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India has always been culturally rich and vast in its tradtions. Different Indian attires have different values in different parts of the country. The vast culture in India has a vital role in creating a varied range of fabrics, works and applique techniques that have helped in fabricating masterpieces in the industry of ethnic wear. 

Work sarees have made their way through the ethnic heavy wear attries becaue of their embellishments and gleaming look. Available in a varied range of fabrics and colours, work sarees are gaining popularity everday. Coming from several parts of the country, work sarees are a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you want to ditch your old fashion statement. 

 Marvelous Mirror Work Sarees:

Mirror work sarees are an elaborate creation with gleaming mirrors and vibrant thread work. Fashinoning a mirror work saree is an intricate process as it involves placing mirrors all over the saree and sewing them in with the help of colourful threads.

Mirror work sarees come in different varients ranging from traditional work to a touch of modern and English tones in the sarees. Traditonal mirror work mostly comes from Gujarat and Rajasthan where mirror work is done on folk clothing like the attires worn in Garba and Ghoomar. This work involves elaborating the saree with mirrors and sewing the mirrors on the saree with the help of a  vivavcious palette of colourful threads. 

But mirror work sarees have evolved with time and now mirror work is also done on contemporary sarees. It can be done on fabrics like chiffon, georgette, silk, crepe and a variety of works can be elaborated with mirror work. Mirror work can be a great addition to work sarees like Lucknowi work, Foil work, Embroidery to enhance the beauty and price value of these sarees.  

Work sarees like mirror work are a stylish pick for parties and weddings because of their blingy and gleaming appearance. If you want to opt for a work saree with mirrors for wearing on a daily basis choose a saree with elaborated borders and pallus that are easier and lighter to carry yet are stylish. 

 Shimmery Stone Work Sarees:

Work sarees are an elaborate way to express your festive mood which makes them perfect to be adorned at parties, weddings and cocktail nights. Stone work sarees are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones to add to their look and price value. The addition of precious and semi-precious stones is an unusual and attractive work technique. 

Work sarees come in different varients but mirror work sarees are the most sought after for their jazzy look making them a goregeous pick for parties, weddings and cocktail nights. Stone work looks even more appealing on birghter colours like royal blue, teal green, red, orange, pink making them suitable for ostentatious occasions like sangeet and cocktail parties. 

Stone work sarees can be a great pick when you want to carry an elegant, stylish and jazzy look. Stone work sarees are not a recommended pick for everyday use as the over use of these work sarees can damage the work and reduce their longevity. 

 Luxurious Lucknowi Work Sarees:

Among work sarees, Lucknowi work sarees are the most sought-after because of their elegance. Lucknowi work sarees popularly known as Chinkankari work takes it grace after the city of elegance and beauty Lucknow. Lucknowi work sarees have an intricate handwork with superfine detailing and beautiful motifs. Chinkankari is usually done on fabrics like chiffon, muslin, cotton silk, cotton making them perfect for elegant and sublime events. 

Lucknowi work or Chikankari sarees are artfully created with intricate and detailed handwork to enhance their charm and price value. Lucknowi work sarees are a piece of art as they involve intricate detailing in motifs. Lucknowi work sarees have beautfiufl motifs like flowers, creepers, paisley that involve a lot of manual labour making them a little expensive and priced. 

Lucknowi sarees are also passed at heirloom because of their heritage value and are a priced possesion for many. These work sarees are an elegant pick for sublime events like office parties, quiet dinners, and formal parties with an elegant vibe.

 Elegant Embroidery Work Sarees:

Embroidered sarees are truly a work of art. Crafted with intricacy and perfection, these sarees can be gorgeous picks for a party. Embroidery is believed to be originated in China and Eastern parts of the world. Party wear sarees have to be elegant and stylish and embroidered sarees are the perfect combination of both. 

Embroidery is the work of crafting sarees by designing motifs with thread and yarns. Available in an endless range of fabrics embroidery is done with yarns in vibrant colours and intricate designs. Motifs like flowers, creepers, leaves and all things small and beautiful is embroidery in its most perfect sense. 

Embroidered sarees can be the perfect choice for small wedding rituals, formal dinner parties, office parties as they are elegant but at the same time look heavy and embellished. Style these work sarees with chunky pieces of jewellery and be the head turner at every event. 

 Zestful Zardosi/Zari Work Sarees:

Zardosi is an ornate and intricate metallic thread work that is created using golden or silver metallic threads. Motifs are created using silver or golden bullion threads with intricate detailing. 

Zardosi work is a work of art since it takes hours of manual labour to create this masterpiece. As these work sarees use silver and golden metallic threads, they are priced at a high value. Flowers, leaves and creepers are the most common motifs that are created using Zardosi. Zardosi work is done to elaborate the look and enhance the price value of the saree. 

The elaborate yet heavy work makes Zardosi sarees an elegant pick for parties and weddings. They are suitable for festive occasions because golden and silver Zardosi complement the vibrant colours like royal blue, orange, pink, green are perfect to set the mood for festivities. 

 Lavish Latkans for Work Sarees:

Latkans are added as an embellishment to work sarees. They are used to elaborate the pallus and borders of sarees to add an extra oomph to the sarees. Latkans come in a different variety like tassels, potlis, cushion latkans and many more. 

Latkans are an addition to the look of the saree and accessorize work sarees and accentuate their look. Addition of latkans in a saree can add an attractive stroke to a simple saree and enhance its elegance. 

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